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Additional Services
  • Accompanied Response
  • Sign & Response
  • Tradesmen Unlocks/Locks
  • Lone worker Monitoring
  • Lone worker Response
  • Security Officer Welfare Visits
  • Response To Lock Outs
  • Weekly Fire Tests
  • System administration
  • Empty Property Inspections

Your Data Protected

Alliance Mobile Security's Response capability provides a flexible range of Security services that can protect people, property and assets day or night every day of the year.

If you are a company that requires the additional peace of mind that your premises is being checked over night or during the weekend day then a patrol service should be considered. The patrol could check either outside, checking the windows and doors or inside on a room by room basis or critical areas and then outside. After a no obligation meeting which can incorporate the survey the patrol service assignment instruction and implementation of service is worked on immediately and would be operational, if needed the same day.

Security patrols can be used as part of a wider Security solution or as a stand-alone service according to your Security needs. Alliance Mobile Security Ltd provides services to a range of companies of varying size and from different industries.

Mobile Security services have a number of advantages:

They are more affordable than dedicated manned guarding and allow organisations - smaller companies in particular - to reap the benefits of having a professional Security presence

They help to maintain a deterrent value by providing a visible Security presence

A mobile service can also provide a swift reactive capability in the event of an incident

They are intrinsically flexible and can add other value to your organisation where manned guarding is not a viable option.

Our Mobile Security services consist of:

Accompanied Response
We will accompany your member of staff to the alarm activation

Mobile Security Patrols
Either external or internal/external security patrols. All patrols are recorded using a Deister patrol management system.

Residential Holiday Patrols
For when you are going away for a short weekend or long holiday. External or internal/external patrols to check on your home. February 2010 saw the largest numbers of requests to clear driveways of snow prior to the return of families from abroad.

Business Park Patrols
Patrols to units and communal areas of business park.

Residential Estates Patrols
Where the presence of a liveried vehicle and hi-visibility security officer is required to patrol a residential estate and comply with agreed tasks.

Sign & Response
The most cost effective service we offer. To provide 3 security signs to be displayed on an assignment and to conduct a survey meeting. No keys are held but in the event of a notification call to our control room we are able to initiate the pre-agreed escalation procedures.

Tradesmen Unlocks/Locks
If you would like your home unlocked for a tradesmen and then locked up on completion or alternatively to remain at your home until the job is completed.

With commercial buildings we are able to offer the same service on an on-demand basis.

Commercial Building Unlocks/Locks
On a daily basis or 7 days a week to perform an unlock/lock of your building to an agreed standard and within an agreed time frame.

Supporting Manned Guarding Companies & Lone workers:
Alliance Mobile Security is able to attend a Surrey guarding assignment, either in-house or contracted security officer and complete a mutually agreed quality inspection and welfare form. The form would be signed by the security officer and the attending Alliance Mobile Officer upon completion.

Along with regularly made welfare calls lone workers could benefit from a welfare visit from our mobile patrol officer.

Void / Empty Property Inspections
Performing a mutually agreed inspection of an empty property and forwarding the inspection report to your designated fax number.

This list is not exhaustive, should you have a requirement then please contact us as the mobile security service is extremely flexible.

Mobile patrols also have the potential for a range of added value soft Facilities Management services such as:

- Intruder Alarm Administration
- Access Control Administration
- Weekly fire alarm tests
- Auditing such things as a company's clear desk policy

Alliance Mobile Security which holds SIA approved contractor status for the provision of Keyholding services.

For more information on our Mobile Security services please contact us on 01932 229711 or email us at info@alliancemobilesecurity.co.uk
Manned Guarding
Manned guarding is provided by Alliance Security which holds SIA approved contractor status for the provision of Security Guarding.

Alliance Security is a genuinely inspired Security Industry Authority (SIA) Accredited company delivering innovative, flexible and bespoke Manned security services exceeding client requirements. Other services include vetting, Industry Training & Consulting.
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