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Over the last year Alliance Mobile Security has been approached to take over assignments that subscribe to static guarding coverage. The take over has normally been for organisations that rely on the security guards for peace of mind that the building is occupied out of hours. These buildings have not been organisations that require static security officers for insurance requirements or heavy usage of multitasking with menial tasks.

The main cause for the change has been the attractive financial saving. On most counts the buildings that transfer services will already have an access controlled system, intruder alarm and some premises have upgraded to remote CCTV monitoring. Even when security systems need to be purchased and installed the annual savings in the first year will still be significant compared to an on-going annual guarding service.

Should you require your building to be locked up, patrolled during the night and weekend days and unlocked every weekday morning then we can provide this service. The difference is that we will not be at the building all the time but will be there when the building needs the tasks to be carried out. Likewise, should the alarm activate we will return to the building to investigate and manage the incident.

In conclusion, you would only be charged for tasks which need to be carried out.

Will you lock my building when all the staff have gone home. YES   YES
Will you patrol my building every hour. YES If required, but normally it is one patrol every 3 to 4 hours. YES
Will you unlock my building in the morning. YES   YES
Will you remain in my building. YES Only if the building has suffered an incident and a guard is required to remain with the building. NO
Will your security officers undertake multitasking. YES To an extent. Mobile security is cost effective as you are only paying for the tasks that need to be done rather than 'filling' the mobile officers time. NO
Will you allow entry to authorised staff wanting access out of hours. YES This service will require 45 minutes notice. YES
Will you be making hourly check calls from the subscribers phone system. YES Should you have a guard 12hrs a night and 24hrs at weekends then approximately 5631 check calls could be made on your phone system. NO
Will your security officer be using lights, toilets, free vending machine for drinks etc.., YES Where your building would be otherwise vacant you would have one security officer drawing on the building to undertake his role with your guarding contract.

The mobile officer will use the building lights & amenities only when he is present.
Should an incident be found will your security officer react. YES Security officers normally guard unalarmed buildings and will react if the incident is found. Without notification from an activated alarm system or being in the right place at the time the incident may not be found.

Mobile security responds to fully alarmed buildings and will react when notified of an alarm activation.
If your security officer is absent will the duty be carried out by someone who has been trained at the building. ? Yes. All alarm response officers are trained on patrols/unlocks/locks so every time we attend you can be assured of the same procedures being carried out. YES
What would be an approximate annual cost to guard my building nights and weekends. £57K - £75K What would be the approximate annual weekday cost to lockup, patrol my buildings three times a night and unlock it in the morning. £20K -
How much will I save. £Nil In addition to the annual security guarding charge rate you would also be contributing to a check call phone bill and the miscellaneous charges of building amenities when the guard is on duty. Annual Saving Approx £37K - £50K

Alliance Mobile Security which holds SIA approved contractor status for the provision of Keyholding services.

For more information on our mobile security services please contact us on 01932 229711 or email us at info@alliancemobilesecurity.co.uk
Manned Guarding
Manned guarding is provided by Alliance Security which holds SIA approved contractor status for the provision of Security Guarding.

Alliance Security is a genuinely inspired Security Industry Authority (SIA) Accredited company delivering innovative, flexible and bespoke Manned security services exceeding client requirements. Other services include vetting, Industry Training & Consulting.
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